Adrian fell in love with movies and the live theater at a very young age. His parents often took him and his siblings to all sorts of arts and entertainment events. He took to the stage for the first time at age seven and has never looked back since that time. Acting on stage is his first love and was the medium most available to him being born and raised in New Orleans, a city that had not yet been exposed to the film and television community. Adrian graduated from a high school very well known for its musical theater program and then landed his first regional commercial. Suddenly Adrian was thrust in front of a camera and he was in awe of its capabilities and possibilities. He studied at Tulane University and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from its well known and daring Theater Program. While most of his fellow thespians headed up north for Broadway, Adrian decided to pack up his meager belongings and head out west to Hollywood. Although he loved the theater, Adrian had become consumed with the cinema and its power to transport an audience.